This is a my personal, yet public, journal of my attempt to learn and put into practise the art of making house music to be played in a club. Like many hobbyists out there, I would like the chance to take my music from the bedroom to the main room.

I will not be cutting any corners as I venture on this journey as I go from point A to B and finally to Z in the next year.

Along the way I will be investigating the different genres of house music. Anyone that has an interest in this style of music knows that there are more styles that I can shake a stick at, but I will do my best. I’m also hoping my peers who have made a success in this industry will provide feedback, give professional advice, and answer any questions I may have. It doesn’t matter what style of music or how big they’ve made it, we all have to start somewhere and hopefully, they can share their experiences with me.

I invite you to get involved as well by sharing your story, no matter what it is you do and maybe we can all learn from each others gains and losses.

Final note: I have recently learned that there is a rock band called "The Learning Curve" after setting up this page. I have nothing to do with them and apologise for any confusion.
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2014 is here and I would like to wish you all a happy new year, hope you get to achieve all your wishes.

I could tell you that last year, 2013 was not the best year for me, but why bother start the new year on a dark note. Instead let me try to look at the positive side, I survived another year. Things that has happened over the year has given me a nice kick in the butt. After 5 funerals in 1 year, I was not expected and another came quicker than expected it has made me take a good look at how I been using the little time I have. To quote Johnny Osbourne in the 1979 track ‘Truths and Rights’ “Tomorrow is promised to no-one”. I kind of learned the hard way when the boiler thermostat decided to break, created lots of steam what damaged 750GB of music files, a midi controller, a compressor and a pair of studio monitors. 

I’m looking to make this year as productive as possible, I keep on getting invited to work on some tracks, my answer has always been “I will soon”, now I plan to follow through and make it happen. Writing this post is me starting the year as I mean to carry on. I need to go shopping for the studio, look out as I will be adding lots of new content on here before long.

Without meaning to I’m gonna jump on this run away train that seems to be the topic of Flo Rida and his latest track “I can’t believe it”. What is it you can’t believe Mr Rida, that you’ve managed to insult my ears with another one of your ever so shitty tracks? I’m sorry people let me get back to the topic.

Mr Rida has released another track on the world with a Music promo in tow on 28th July 2013. Not long after he starts getting a backlash of people slating him, why? Let me break it down for you if you don’t know already:

1. He is accused of illegally sampling a track called ‘Infinity’ by Infinity Ink which was released in 2012. I don’t think I know this track and if I don I don’t remember it, so sue me. 

2. The video is getting flack for the use of women in said video from his own fans, Infinity Ink fans and general public. All we need is a church to get on board and it’s a win win situation. I’ll explain why later.

3. Diplo, one half of Major Lazer is reportedly been on twatter hurling abuse at Mr Rida claiming he ripped off his video idea.

4. It’s about ladies bottoms.

5. It has Pitbull in it too.

So why is it I have decided to say that everyone’s a winner? simple really. With all the attention being focused on the track people like myself will out of curiosity check it out to see what the fuss is all about. If I’m bothered I will then check out the group/artist that has been sampled allegedly illegally and may even check out the back catalouge. And to round things off I will then check out the Major Lazer’s music video to see the comparisons to the Mr Rida video. All that’s missing is a church, you pick one to say “this is bad for whatever reason” and hey presto we have the news on board. Free publicity for everyone involved which in turn is more than likely to generate revenue and as the title says *’everyone’s a winner baby that’s the truth’.

*Illegally stolen from Brixton, South London’s Hit making Number 1 Band Hot Chocolate ‘Every 1’s a winner’ 1978.

I know I make it sound all black and white. Yes there are other things to consider at the end of the day. But the way I look at it it really is a win win all round for everyone. If Mr Rida is using a sample that has not been cleared then what’s the worse that will happen? Infinity Ink will drag them to court, have a costly court case resulting with them receiving most of the royalties from Mr Rida’s track. As for the one and only Mr Diplo, well for him that might be a bit more tricky to pull off.

Can I be arsed, no pun intended, to supply the links to the tracks? No I can’t. If you really wanna know what all the fuss is about have a look on youtube. What I will do is add an image from the music video promo so you can kind of see what the fuss is about image wise.


As usual feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts of the matter.


OLD SKOOL JUNGLE - Trinity - Gangsta (by SeriouslySickMonkey)

This is one of my favourite tracks of all time, the original what the sample came from what is terror fabulous and this jungle version done by trinity aka dillinja. The way the sample is used is just so dirty, no super cleanses about it.

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Terror Fabulous You would ah bawl (by Joe J)


Live from Greece - Live from the Streets - Episode 7 (by Noisey)

I have finally left my old job behind me. It was sucking the life out of me with all the shift changes, high demands and expectations, back stabbing and general low moral with my work coleuges. For me it wasn’t just a case of walking out of my job, my doctor suggested that I find another job, beleive it or not it broke me out in Eczema. He also said it looked like I had some fungal infection with it.

Been spending the last week searching for any and everything, I may just have exhausted the job search sites. Signed up to 2 different employment agencies both promising me mon-fri work, no more working on the weekends. At the moment I don’t have to pull out the ole cap in hand, also I will have the energy to crack on with some new tracks.

Seems like Paris Hilton has not given up on becoming a DJ it seems. If your heading out to Ibiza this year you may be fortunate or un-fortunate to witness for yourself Paris doing her thing. She took a lot of flack for the so-called set she did back in Brazil roughly this time last year and hopefully she has finally improved.

As I understand she is supposed to host and have an area to sell her merchandise at Amnesia, for some reason I thought that club got shut down. Besides that point, I have no idea if she will be actually hitting the decks and playing a set or two but she will be there. I kind of wish I could go and witness it for myself but I only found out this morning.

Is this the death of Club culture as we know it? I don’t really think so. There will always be people that want to party as you never know, she may host some kick arse nights and for the ones that are crying and gnashing their teeth at the thought of Miss Paris Hilton hosting/DJing in Ibiza can rest assured knowing that there will always be a underground scene no matter what.

Logic Pro X is finally here and at an unbelievable affordable price of £139.99 (what is with the 99p?). Yeah I hear you cry, well hold your horses you may not be doing so in a minute.

To run this you will need as a minumum:

4 GB of RAM

Display with 1280X768 or higher

OS X 10.8.6 or higher

5GB Disk space

32GB for download space

I really hope you did not skip over the last bit cause that was very important, no soft blow sandwiches here. It’s that cheap because you need to download it. That alone to me is a turn off. You may say I’m old fashioned, I like to call it being practical. I like to have my software on disks, 2nd of all I don’t have 10.8.6, I have 10.6.8. I can easily get the latest OS, my biggest gripe is that I cannot go to the shop or purchase online a box of disks with my software. Yes I know I can always burn it to disk(s) but how many of us have the knowledge to split t up onto more than 1 disk? Or how many of us have a blue-ray burner?  Yes I’m still sounding childish but to me there is nothing better than opening a seal on something. I refuse to buy download games for the same reason minus the burn to disk bit.

Other than that I would love to try it out and see what it’s like. I really hope that they have not decided to still make Logic complicated enough where you feel you need a PHD to use it.

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Came across this in mixmag. I found it very interesting, some may find it upsetting while others may find a new way to make some money.